All Localities Started to Crack Down on The Prevention and Control of Air Pollution in August.

Because the blue sky defense war is not improving, some cities have just been knocked out! On July 30, the Ministry of Eco-Environment held a symposium on environmental air quality warning in the first half of 2019, which alerted the cities in the first half of the year that the environmental air quality deteriorated year-on-year and the annual target completion was seriously lagging behind. Recently, many cities have introduced measures to further strengthen the prevention and control of air pollution.

Zhengzhou City: Printing and Distributing the Action Plan for Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution in Zhengzhou City in 2019.

Baoding City: Quickly rectify the problems of air pollution prevention and control with nine special actions.

Shijiazhuang City: Introducing the implementation plan for the centralized remediation of atmospheric pollution in summer.

Post time: Aug-08-2019