G20 Osaka Summit looks forward to China’s program

The G20 Osaka Summit will be held from June 28th to 29th. President Xi Jinping will attend the meeting. This is the seventh consecutive time that President Xi attended or hosted the G20 summit, which fully reflected China’s high regard for G20 cooperation and global economic governance.


The G20 concentrates on the world’s major developed countries and major emerging economies. The total economic output accounts for about 85% of the global economy, and the population accounts for two-thirds of the world’s total. It can be said that the situation of the G20 is a barometer of the world economy. The concerns and trends of the G20 reflect the development trend of the world economy and the focus of global governance. In particular, the current world economy and trade, investment, finance, and environmental fields are facing severe challenges. The international community is eagerly expecting the G20 to be more effective and effective, and look forward to the positive results of the Osaka Summit.

The success of the Osaka Summit relies on the joint efforts of all parties involved, and the big countries bear more and greater responsibilities. Many member states, including the host country, Japan, are eagerly awaiting President Xi’s attendance at the meeting. The international community generally believes that China’s wisdom and China’s programs should pay special attention to the fact that the world is undergoing major and profound changes.

The Osaka Summit is just around the corner. People are eagerly awaiting the meeting in the right direction, concentrating the wisdom of all parties, coordinating their positions, and maximizing consensus on a series of major issues concerning the future of the world economy and the well-being of people of all countries, narrowing differences and achieving positive results. To make the G20 mechanism more vital, influential and cohesive. As a responsible big country, China will once again make new contributions to the success of this summit and the maintenance of a fair and just international order.

Post time: Jun-26-2019